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latinos in tech: Reprogramming Your Move to a Technical Career

On October 16, 2018, Northeastern University’s College of Computer and Information Science (CCIS) co-hosted Latinos in Tech: Reprogramming your Move to a Technical Career with HubSpot Inc. Participants included CCIS staff, faculty, and students, as well as self-taught programmers and industry partners. With a Boston area push for diversity in tech, the event focused on networking and a discussion of non-traditional routes into the tech industry. CCIS’s Assistant Director of Marketing Graduate Programs Wallys Sosa-Picard noted students and tech professionals shared tips on how they got into tech, how to “navigate systems…where they might be the only person of color,” and how to succeed in the competitive tech landscape.

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Mental health-focused CCIS alumnus featured on the Today Show

How can we use data science and machine learning to prevent suicide? This question motivates Dr. Glen Coppersmith’s technology company, Qntfy. Dr. Coppersmith has had an interest in what he refers to as “the intersection of data and human behavior” ever since he received his BS in Computer Science from Northeastern University’s College of Computer and Information Science (CCIS), followed by a PhD in Psychology from Northeastern’s College of Science. Over 40,000 people die from suicide every year in the United States, and, when Dr. Coppersmith looked at the data space for mental health, he saw that there was not nearly enough solid data to make actionable inferences.

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A New CCIS Computer Lab for the New Year

Computer science for everyone. That’s the mission of Dean Brodley and the leadership of the College of Computer and Information Science at Northeastern University (CCIS). According to Greg Smith, CCIS Assistant Director of Operations & Space Planning, the college “wants to build an environment that fosters that [mission].” With the expansion of CCIS interdisciplinary and combined major programs, the college needed a computer lab that reflected the changing way students are working – laptops and groups as opposed to desktops and solo work. According to David Whelpley, CCIS Senior Director of Operations, the college “must provide our students the tools and resources to meet contemporary challenges; we must enable them to work and learn in a collaborative atmosphere, in groups or pairs.”

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