What I've Done So Far In A Year

Since October 2016, my life's changed a lot. I went from not knowing where I want to work, to knowing that where I work is less important than whether I'm making something worthwhile.

On the family front, both of my adult (crazy to think of them as adults) brothers are artsy like me, and unlike our parents. Matt Hosking is making strides in his theater program at Northeastern University, and Chris Overholser's band Night Tree is on the radio. Matt's also a great stage director, and I hope he gives film a go.

On the personal front, I've been in a relationship for over a year now. This is my first, so it's bewildering and wondrous at the same time. Viola's a wonderful person who is my opposite in many ways, but so very, very complimentary.

On the professional front, oh boy. Since I last posted a blog post in 2015, I've gone through a lot of iterations, from aspiring Unitarian minister to aspiring novelist and screenwriter. Now I'm actually living a few blocks from Hollywood proper. Paramount Pictures' studio lot is around the corner. I can see the Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory from my and my significant other's balcony. I intern for a veteran producer - who has been a great resource and advisor. But I still feel pretty far from what I want to be doing full-time: making movies as a writer, director, or editor. Shoutout to anyone who needs any of those skillsets - hit me up!

I've now made four films in an "Above the Line" capacity. ATL can mean Atlanta or the group of people involved in a film from very early on as producers, directors, writers, or actors. Three of these films were made in close collaboration with my friend Ben Haven Taylor (yeah sets get a bit confusing having the same name). Plug for his superior blog: https://www.benhaventaylor.com. I produced on his Tufts Senior Project, "In the Off-Season." In return, he shot two of my films as cinematographer: "Dancing on the Yellow Edges" and "Better Off" (in post production). The fourth, made in March with my friend Ray Bernoff, was a documentary rather than a scripted narrative, and it won an award from the Association on Higher Education and Disability.

Better Off and Dancing on the Yellow Edges both starred my friend Joshua Gray, who is an amazing actor. We're working on a feature length version of Better Off these days.

Dancing on the Yellow Edges didn't do as well on the festival circuit as I had hoped. It was my first film as a director, so I try to not be too hard on myself, but it's still rough to see the rejections pile up. It will go online soon, and I'll get my Kickstarter backers their rewards thereafter.

I hope that Better Off does a bit better and gets in more places. Working with a great composer, Etienne Monsaigneon to create a beautiful soundtrack for a film that is ultimately about abandonment. It's dark, and it's also based on a true story.

It's tough here in LA, because I don't really know many independent filmmakers who need help on their projects - even as a production assistant or craft services (the guy who gets the food set up). If you're reading this and need someone to help in any way, including for free on really cool projects, let me know!

I doubt I'll be able to make these posts a regular thing, but do check in every now and again.